Most patients are familiar with routine dental checkups. If you are a first time patient at McRae Dental Associates you will receive a comprehensive exam unless you are having pain that requires immediate treatment.

A comprehensive exam includes a thorough look at the entire mouth. At McRae Dental Associates we will also inquire about your medical history and take x-rays if indicated. During a comprehensive exam the following will be evaluated:

Soft Tissue: your tongue, lips, cheeks, roof of mouth, and floor of the mouth will be examined for abnormal appearances such as inflammation or color changes.

Teeth: your teeth will be examined with a mirror and explore for detection of decay (cavities).

Occlusion: how your teeth come together, will also be evaluated.

X-rays: also know as radiographs, will be taken to assist with detection of cavities or abnormalities that cannot be seen in the mouth.

Temporaolmandibular Joint (TMJ): is the joint that guides your lower jaw when you open your mouth. To see if this joint is working properly, you will be asked to open and close your mouth, and if you have had any pain or soreness in the joint area.

Medical History: It is important to notify McRae Dental Associates of any changes in your medical history or medications since your last visit. Bring a list of all medications you take including dosages. Some medications cause dry mouth, which can lead to cavities. Our dentists also want to insure that there will be no contraindications with anesthesia or prescriptions that may be prescribed during your visit.